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El hecho diferencial


So, today I’m finally going to speak about the Catalan people. It’s one of those things I kinda promised for this blog. I have many promises to fullfill, but give me time. As you have all probably noticed, I didn’t write too much lately. Life got in the way. Anyway, I don’t really know where […]

Soul Kitchen


Soul Kitchen: Long.



Superpotencias. La batalla continúa en el plano mental. Superpowers. The battle rages on, on the mental level. Superpouvoirs. La bataille continue, au niveau mental.



Done – Drink beer with Tomas and me at his place. Tomorrow night ? e – 01/05/2010 at 10:23 PM Posting live from the crime scene.



Done: – Swept – Vacuumed – Moped (in the literal sense) – Cleaned the sink, the lavabo and the WC – Bought a new broom (I broke it) – Bought cable ties to repare my mop (I also broke it… damn, I should stop going to the gym, I’m buff and I don’t master my […]