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A guide to making the internet suck less


Preliminary note: Everything in this post has been personally verified by me, it’s safe! Ok so, the internet sucks more and more these days. It isn’t quite as bad as TV, obviously. TV means there’s 10-20 kinds of state or corporate run propaganda and you can choose between them. The internet gives you real choice. […]

Out of office email


Today I discovered there’s a weird street close to where I live in bulgaria, with yellow pavement. And as you can see, there’s a yellow taxi. As yellow taxis do, it’s going to take me to the U. S. of A. From So…. yeah I’m gone for a while. I will take up this […]

The first of January and the weird things


Did I mention I hate the 1st day of the year? It’s just there, between a massive party and a day where no one is alive and everything is closed. I’ve probably said it a few times. This is weird. Something I’ve found in Albacete that you might never have heard about. Sneakers. A newsletter […]

Advice on Bitcoin


If you don’t mind, I am going to try and offer a little piece of advice. Do you know about bitcoin, the digital, decentralized currency? You might have friends getting into it or might have heard about it on the news. Here, in order to help you make informed decisions, we’ve decided to offer you […]

Ficción en tiempo real


A mi el 9-N me inspira ¿qué puedo hacer? ————————————————– Llevábamos al menos dos meses sin vernos, y esque mi trabajo me obliga a viajar, no me deja ver a mis amigos tanto como me gustaría. Yo llevaba ya una semana en casa, y solo ahora había conseguido encontrar el momento de tomarme algo con […]

Confuncio en los tiempos modernos


In his writings, Confucius considers that a Perfect Gentleman (y por cierto, adoro que esto se traduzca como “hidalgo” en castellano), is someone who has mastered the six chinese classical arts: archery, rituals, music, horse-riding, calligraphy and mathematics. Actually confucian thought set those arts more than the other way round, but let’s avoid (fascinating) derails. Why […]

M.C. Escher (rap unrelated)


Related music – click to hear Recently I went to see the Escher exhibition in Rome, at Chiostro del Bramante. Go there if you can, it’s a lovely place. And the cafe upstairs has many reserved, discreet niches where you can get down to all kinds of nasty business, mostly undisturbed. Well, that’s what a […]

The 10 book challenge


Ok so….. typical silly thing on FB, what ten books have marked you more profoundly? Here was my answer in case anyone is interested. Ie. No one. 1. El Cuentacuentos // The storyteller  – Salvat ediciones//Cavendish Publishing I mean…. the very best investment my parents ever did. Probably. I must have spent days, DAYS sitting […]

Moviez – this time foh realz


Ok so I watched two movies recently, one of them an old friend, the other a new film, both cool. Plazo para morir: Political Intacto: Original So yeah, those are two really, really cool films that I watched. Pero no se si las vais a poder ver, al menos la primera, porque no se si […]

Mis comentarios sobre el voto en Escocia


Os lo estabais esperando ¿eh? Un periodista catalán ha escrito una pequeña crónica del dia del voto, hoy 18 de septiembre, en internet. Se llama “He visto cosas que vosotros no creeríais“, porque debe ser un frikazo de la hostia. Aqui teneis el artículo en español. No lo pienso traducir todo, pero algunos extractos merecen […]