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Peddling my shit


So for once I’m going to use my blog to sell you guys something. I’m selling an electric guitar. This guitar is a project for the Adelante social center in Sofia, Bulgaria. I organized a free attendance seminar on repairing and improving electric guitars. Here you can see the bunch of people who worked on […]

Olympus has fallen


Yeah. Some of my friends proposed this and the rest say it’s a good movie. These are my thoughts on it. Olympus has fallen: Concentrated There’s also an awesome 90’s movie. Hackers: Far seeing Other than that, it’s summertime. I’m on holiday. We live in cyberpunk already. Life goes on. Here’s a video of a […]

A lullaby in Yiddish


Today, let’s go to the point. Let me share things I find cool. From the internet. Lullaby in Yiddish The Sydney weather radar (which has made me discover, by the way, the the currency in Cowboy Bebop, the Wollongongs, come from a city in Australia) And a composition of my own: Extremely unpolished version by […]



Je passe ces derniers jours avant le nouvel an dans un état d’euphorie. J’ai passé par “El zulo” avec des grands amis et des choses trop bien sont sorties de la session. Et ça n’est que un teaser. On ne peut pas vivre sans impulse créatif. —————————————————————————————- The Hobbit is nice and all, a good […]