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The fascinating world of visual puns


Lately I’ve been noticing visual puns in films. Lately I’ve seen the Lone Ranger. I will talk about it. But this image struck me. From timsfilmreviews. Read his take on the film here. Anyway, you see that image? The indian knocks the cowboy out, and he wakes up on top of a scaffolding on top […]

Lone ranger, Letter to America, Ghostbusters.


Lone Ranger: Subtext Letter to America: Deep. Ghostbusters: New York Saying that a movie is deep is a fucking compliment. It’s a slow movie but if you find a good translation of it you are in for a fascinating indie movie. Este tio y su prima la del pueblo van a daros emociones muy fuertes […]

Moviez & reflectionz


I am taking long to write. But you know, inspiration, creativity, is a fickle thing. But that is not bad. What’s bad is that society today tells us that we have to produce as much as possible, compete as much as possible, raise as much as possible in any hierarchy, earn as much money as […]



This is, essentially, how you should what I felt as a kid when I was taken to mass and I’d see the things described in this post I wrote: [url=]Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson, hosted by[/url] It’s nice to be able to explain a post in detail like this. Posted from a hi […]