New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


Estoy en una importantísima reunión en Albacete city. Una cena de navidad improvisada en un laboratorio de alta tecnología fluye como un haiku cyber en una poesía punk.

I’m in the middle of a very important meeting in Albacete. An improvised christmas dinner takes place in a high tech lab.

The main meal was sushi. I must admit I didn’t really “get” sushi until today.

El plato principal fue sushi. Y admito que, hasta ahora, no pillaba el sushi. Ahora me mola.

Pero me inquieta una cosa. Nos hemos comprado una contesa de chocolate y estaba buenísma. Para hacer más atractivo el paquete de la contesa le han dado el nombre de un teléfono que la gente tiene. ¿Por qué?

We bough some ice cream and it rocked. One thing worries me though. In order to make the package more attractive, they named the ice cream like a popular kind of phone. I wonder why.




13 streets is a technically good movie about corrupt cops. It starts much like a CSI Miami episode would start and progressively veers into action hero territory. It’s well done and it’s cool. Watch it. You may disconnect your brain.

The surprising thing, for me, is that it’s a movie about how cops can be bad and about black people having bad breaks and redeeimng. It kinda surprises me, knowing how much of a republican Bruce Willis is or used ot be. There are so many mentions of “people can change” are directed at Bruce Willis that I wonder if he isn’t kind of sending us a signal. “Hey dudes I used to have tatoos of GWB but not anymore!!

And it’s like, ya know what? I’m going to be the one arrested for once, see what it’s like.

My super ex with Uma Thurman is a movie I kinda liked. Ok, I like any movie with Uma Thurman I can’t help it. Uma Thurman is not just incredibly sexy, and a massive actress. Uma Thurman is someone whose eyes have that spark, that flame of intelligence and sharp wit. Miss Thiurman, if you want to come and cut me with your sharp wit, please do. I’ll treat you like an equal and we’ll have fun together.

About the movie:

Full of lovely comic book references. All secret identities have names that start with the same sound. (Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Jonah Jameson…). The heroine gets bigger boobs when she becomes a heroine (Very subtle and very pointed criticism). The superhero girl and the villain go way back.

And there are Superman references.

Also lots of interesting comedy using a very interesting overlap of superhero/cray girlfriends/boyfriends movie.

It also excels in a particular category.

Uma Thurman manages to do something amazing. She manages to capture, transport through the air, and throw a great white shark through a window… without jumping the shark!!

Anyway it was fun. The entire cast had their moments and their jokes. Seriously mindless fun el oh el.


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