New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

A blood sacrifice to the RNG

– Oh holy Random Number Generator, in thee I believe!!
You, all powerful, deity to which every deity bows, you who bends the universe to your will! In thee I believe!

IMG_3235The apprentice looked at the madman go on and on about his rant by the rail of the bridge. He stepped closer to the middle of the road and looked at his teacher with eyes filled with alarm.

– Master. Master plumbliner…

The master, lost in thought, and took a moment to realize his apprentice was trying to call his attention. He raised his eyes and followed the big, open eyes of the child as they alternatively met his eyes andlooked at the man with the bare face.

– Master is he dangerous? Who is he? – whispered the boy.
– Who… ? ah. It’s a randomer. Are you afraid?

The boy looked at his feet and then again at his master.

– Well you shouldn’t be. He is not going to hurt you. Look, no other passerby is paying attention to him.
– And what is he talking about, master plumbliner?
– Ah…. well, his beliefs in his god. Randomers believe the universe just happened, that we have no more agency in it than what we can do with out hands, that death is the very end, and nothing makes sense.

The boy had a confused, inquiring look.

– Oh, it’s just an idiot. Don’t concern yourself in him.
– But…. but his face!
– Aaah that. Yes, well, that is the sacrifice he keeps going on and on about. He had his beard cut with scissors… oh but you’ve never seen scissors. It’s an instrument to cut things, clothes, rope, hair…. next time we pass the taylor’s guild I’ll have them show you. His people believe that cutting the face hair makes you impure, and he will be shunned from his community for a while, until it grows back. But they call it a sacrifice because they think it will bring them the favour of their god, the Random Number Generator.

– But master… if what they want is better luck in life, why do they have themselves expelled from their own community? And why do they thing it will improve their luck, if it’s they believe in randomness?
– Because they are idiots. And we’ve taught you well, apparently.
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