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The fascinating world of visual puns

Lately I’ve been noticing visual puns in films.

Lately I’ve seen the Lone Ranger. I will talk about it. But this image struck me.


From timsfilmreviews. Read his take on the film here.

Anyway, you see that image? The indian knocks the cowboy out, and he wakes up on top of a scaffolding on top of a mountain. That gives him a wider perspective on the world than he use to have. It’s an experience for him.

So… would you say this guy is high?

I mean, yeah, it sounds lame when you put it on paper like this, but there you have it. And then this guy from The Croods.

In the movie, this guys holds his pants with his monkey. And he is always playing with his monkey, the sick bastard. You know what I mean. Terrible puns and blah blah.

I don’t know man, I just keep seeing them in films.

Had anyone else realized? Seriously. I need to know. TELL ME; TELL ME, HAD YOU REALIZED THIS???? AM I ALONE OUT THERE?!?! PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER!!!!.


nyway have some music about puns. It’s pretty cool.

When you read this, I will be on my way to Budzhluzha. Pronounce that quickly and repeatedly.


The lone ranger:

Nice mindless action movie to have a good time if it weren’t for all the subtext. The evil railroad people with an engine called Constituion that steal the land from indians, and the outlaws that defend justice. It’s like, a theme or something.

Letter to America:

Man I have so much to say about this movie.

There are many things to like about that film (when you get beyond the sloooooooooooooooooooooooow pace).

I like learning about the deeper part of bulgaria, and I guess that, in a way, that’s one of the things the author is trying to do, to show people that the old bulgaria is still around.

Then I really liked the way things are presented. The trip of one of the friends outside Bulgaria is compared constantly throughout the movie with the trip inside bulgaria of the other friend. For instance, lots of scenes show, side by side, the videos of the guy in america and the guy in Bulgaria going through mountains and rough terrain. To me the implication is clear: His trip of self discovery was outside, and exactly as difficult, tiring and disconcerting as your trip of discovery inside. The mountains the protagonist walks through are literal and figurative at the same time.

Then there’s quite a bit of moments where the protagonist, an artist himself… I don’t know how could i explain, but being a creative person myself, and knowing where I get my inspiration, many moments throughout the movie where the protagonist gets inspiration, those are moments I would have totally gotten inspiration from. Random encounters with strangers, now that’s one source of inspiration if there ever was one.

And finally there is THE song that they keep searching throughout the movie. It’s a song about the sadness of not having children.

So yeah…… many of the topics (travelling and living in different places, self discovery, the creative impulse) are close to my heart.

Did I make any sense?


Two things. 1. The real protagonist of this movie is the city of New York. 2. The film takes an interesting color if you think that, at the beginning of the movie, Bill Murray plays the part of the total sceptic, and is forced, against his will, to believe in ghosts. But that’s why we love him, because he adapts.


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