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The 10 book challenge

Ok so….. typical silly thing on FB, what ten books have marked you more profoundly? Here was my answer in case anyone is interested. Ie. No one.

1. El Cuentacuentos // The storyteller  – Salvat ediciones//Cavendish Publishing

I mean…. the very best investment my parents ever did. Probably. I must have spent days, DAYS sitting quietly listening to these. I can do that even now and i’m more than 32 yo. Seriously, every time I have to entertain kids (usually before I roast them) I tell them these stories.

2. “Stranger in the strange land” – Robert A. Heinlein

Much to the chagrin of its author, the book that started the hippy movement. So yeah I’m a dirty hippy I guess.

3.  “Confucius – The secular as sacred” – Herbert Fingarette

Short and to the point. Want to understand what Confucius was about, and why society works the way it works? Read this.

4. “Red Mars(Marte Rojo)” – Kim Stanley Robinson

Don’t do like me and read this when you are a kid. You run the risk of it forming your political thought and stuff.

5. “Tao Te Ching” – Lao Tze

Not that I believe in this one so strongly, but it was my introduction to more abstract philosophical thought.

6. “Hagakure” – Yamamoto Tsunemoto

See above, although in this case it was more an introduction to different cultures, a way of thought that was unknown to me and…. well, even abandoning this book was a useful exercise in thought. And many things from this book remain with me to this day. Specially a form of stoicism.
There is something to be learnt from a rainstorm…

7. “The Handbook of the Warrior of Light (El manual del guerrero de la luz) – Paulo Cohelo

🙂 Many people hate Cohelo. He’s shallow and sickly sweet sometimes, but come on. He’s a good man. There should be more like him.

8. The biography of Albert Speer // Biografía de Albert Speer

I read this way too young, and probably a number of things were lost to me. But I found it fascinating. My first (and almost only) biography.

9. Staten Island – Arthur Nersesian

This is a novel allright but…… let’s say I know this novel inside and out. We used to have a working relationship.

10. The Dragonlance Series // Serie Dragonlance – Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman

In retrospect it is not that good…. but these novels got me reading in the first place, so hey.

So yeah. Know you know a bit more about that unstoppable whirlwind I carry around over my shoulders at all times.


And purely for decoration, the fair city of Sofia, Bulgaria.






Plazo para morir is an average western, but it’s interesting that it’s about a village under the oppressive thumb of a bank. A Bank of all things. And the hero and his pal end up shooting all the banksters in town. Contemporary references anybody?

Intacto is really one of my favorite movies, because of what it imagines about luck being something you can steal and transfer. You should watch it. Ok, might not be the best movie ever in terms of entertainement, but as you know from reading my silly blog , I really like movies that imagine new things. And this movie does. Also, first Spanish movie ever where some scenes are recorded using a drone camera. Back in 2001, when no one had really heard the word “drone”.


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