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English in Russian// Conversación de besugos

Put this concert on first. It will give you a deep enjoyement, if only knowing there’s such good stuff in Russia. Mr. Moustache: You like this. Admit it.

Ok, so… sometimes, at night, when I browse the internet, I put on the radio. Russian radio and stuff like that.
I put it on tonight to listen to some nice Russian talk show and wind down.

Tonight I put it on. But… it was beyond midnight. I caught on a really weird program on a radio called Echo of Moscow.

The anchor explained that we were going to here music and some interesting discussion. Then fires off a total techno song.

And after the song, they keep their program going… but they say “haha, people say we Russians we don’t speak English. Let’s do this program in English!”.

And I’m hearing a pretty weird, silly late night talk show/english lesson for weirdos in Russia who listen to midnight culture radio.

It’s pretty hilarious. xD

Lots of bullshit, and then in a very tender, silly way, and despite the considerable linguistical barrier, they try to have a bit of a conversation about interesting topics. It’s interesting. And weird.

The thing is, I can’t tell you much about it. I wish you guys would listen to the part in English and think about why do they choose to speak like that. Think about the topics they talk about.

That’s it. Like a good storyteller, no spoilers.

Cyberpunk Lanscape2


But I wish you’d understand.


(Also, if at one point you get it you’ll understand why I don’t just say it).

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