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Mr Pabolaza pulse aqui.

If you know me, you know that I don’t watch a lot of TV, and I haven’t owned one for close to 10 years. Nowadays I avoid the silly box because it’s aggravating, stupid and manipulative, but this perhaps will surprise you: My rejection of TV didn’t start as some kind of statement.

I just find TV to be passive, and by extension, boring. I much prefer to use my times in things where I have an active role or where I can choose my role as passive spectator very carefully. Hence why I have substituted my use of TV for the internet. Not that it’s better or anything, and I probably use the internet a bit much, but oh well.

That said, I tend to watch a bit of TV when I’m back in Spain (as I will be tonight), mostly because my friends put it on, either as background noise or because we are vegetating on a couch. To vegetate, now THAT is a verb appropiate to what I am describing. Although trust me, we’ve also had some very, very productive time. You will hear about it. One day you too will know about AlbaZetech.

Anyhoo, every time I watch Spanish TV again, it is always a massive shock. And the reason is simple, every single time, no exceptions, Spanish TV outdoes itself. Every single summer and x-mas I tell myself: “Spanish TV has hit rock bottom, it just cannot go any worse”. And without fail, by the time I get home again the next christmas or summer, Spanish TV has gotten new nuclear-tipped oil prospecting equipment and blown that rock bottom to fucking space.

First it was “big brother” programs and the like, and, at the beginning, they even had the gall to call it “a sociological experiment”. Then programs where all they would do is repeat useless gossip about bullshit “famous” people. I think everyone got that. Then it was programs that consisted, essentially, of scripted (and badly scripted at that) insult flinging. Nowadays we are at the stage where random idiots people pretend to live together, date, break up and stuff. It’s like “Jersey shore” which probably you’ve seen. “WTF” is all I can say.

Considering how bullshit the kinds of TV I mentioned are, probably “jury-based” programs wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar, but I find them very ubiquitous, and I think they are bad.

Link del señor Pabolaza

You wanna cook? Don’t go to your kitchen and enjoy it. Waste your time watching some guys torturing kids.


That and, of course, Auction programs, which are another load of phenomenon on its own.

From the LA Times blogs.

It’s like, you want to do things, but you need the approval of some dudes.

You wanna make a business?

You gotta present it in front of some people.

Though granted.

Some of the lessons are useful, if not terribly well explained.

I mean, I understand the point that they are cheap to make, you don’t have to pay scriptwriters because people come and do stupid things on their own. But I hate the message, “to be X you’ve got to be insulted by us first”.

I don’t know man. I don’t think it’s like that. I think that if you want to sing, you shouldn’t go to one of these programs, legitimate as they are. You should get a band, sing, learn how to sing and stuff.

I dunno, maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m not particularly interested in the life career of, say, this girl.

And honestly, even if you succeed, you are just making music on command, with no original rights to your name, when you could be doing your own, real thing.
So let’s just jump to the music, ok?

Take that as a lesson for life. In life, don’t learn about the bands, or do, but just jump to the music, or the painting or the writing, or the roleplaying, or the coding, or the soldering, on the playing and on the composing. Instead of going on TV.

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