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Deep in the night internets

Expedición submarina al internet profundo. Trucos de cartas explicados. Un tío que habla, habla, y aburre antes de enpezar a explicarte el truco. Tanto es así que el mismo menciona en el truco “bueno que luego la peña en los comentarios la peña dice que me enrollo”.

Tio, la peña te lo está diciendo. Real como la vida misma.


Weird videos frrom the spanish deep interwebs. A dude who talks way too much explains a magic trick and comments how his fans comment on his videos all the time that he speaks way too much.



Her has much to talk about. It’s essentially a philosophical movie.

Are Her feelings real? She is a machine, but she’s a consciousness who has probably passed the Turing test and any other criteria you could think for self-awareness*.

And that segues into: is it legit for the guy to fall in love with Her? I like that she’s a completely new product but society has grown so tolerant that no one (except the despondent ex-wife) bats an eye about this guy calling the Operative System (the girlfriend).
And I think that if you can feel like that for the 90 minutes a film lasts, you should be able to feel the same to almost anybody, whatever their sexual orientation, tastes, political views etc. In the end, and that’s a big point of the movie, we might be all different, but we are all just winging it in a world too big for us animals.. No one makes mistakes because they want to. And work and certain social duties have been reduced to videogames, feeding babies to earn points. The movie also mentions how nice it is to have someone to make the load lighter, by simply sharing it.

And what about the whole world having this iPhone aesthetics look to it? (fuck that by the way)

And what about the rights of that OS, considering it’s sentient?? Essentially, you know you are a conscious person and another person tells you that they feel like a conscious person too. What do you do? You take their word for that. So if a computer tells you the same, why wouldn’t you? On this respect you should read the literary work that sheds light on this comments. I meant this, the UN Hearing on AI Rights, E/1999/43, E/CN.4/1999/201

This is from Jeph Jaques, the cool author of Questionable Content.

The fact that he writes heartfelt letters but is incapable of communicating properly at the beginning of the movie is very interesting.

I think that the fade to black scene is simply genius. And the scene where she tries to have someone else be what she cant’s has a lot to chew. It’s really interesting because the director manages to really imagine something that would happen with AI that no one had thought of before.

The ending. If people ever chatted about cinema with their friends they’d discuss that ending more than the ending of 2001 a space oddisey was talked about.

La escena de fundido a negro. El hecho de que es una película que, como toda película que habla del futuro, en realidad está hablando del presente.

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