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Tararí que te vi

Have you ever watched that film about Hitler, downfall?

I was watching it lately and I had a weird suspicion. It’s just been confirmed. From time to time there are black people in the background. Which would make no sense for the heart of 1945’s Berlin, now would it?


HundimienterJudge for yourselves.

Nymphomaniac is an awesome film with so many, just SO many things in it. It’s a film that’s less about the protagonist herself than it is about her failings and the reason for them.

It’s also a story about a massive enabler who will keep telling her she’s right, only to end up friend zoned to death.(MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

One of the interesting parts of the movie is the very interesting and original storytelling techniques deployed. I really liked how the film is shot, and how the story is told. The nymphomaniac is telling us her life, just like a a psychotherapy session. She speaks of the things she’s done, and at no point does she go into what she felt or thought (“Not at all” being one of the best quotes of the movie) except in one occassion, with a towel ( * whack * * whack ** whack ** whack ** whack *….). But she does tell us that at the beginning it was transgression for the sake of transgression (Catholicism says don’t fuck, so we’ll fuck instead!), and in my opinion that speaks of enormous emotional lacks, AND the desire for revolt that repression being caused by the very repression that tries to stifle them.

The second part is even more interesting.

The final part of the movie is my favorite. There, she does what every damaged person does when faced by a total enabler: reaches utterly wrong conclusions. The whole thing ends in tears, because of course the enabler gets a wrong idea too and think he “deserves” something. And at that point, “Hey, Joe” versioned by Charlotte Gainsbourg starts playing, because Ms. Gainsbourg’s character fully acknowledges that old wisdom: “Damaged people are dangerous, because they know they can survive”. Pay attention to that damn good cover of Jimi Hendrix she does.

Wants are wants, and as that dude said, the only way to resist temptation is to yield. It’s not just a nice sentence, it’s a very deep one: Resistance is futile, it’s better to cooperate with the inevitable.

I loved gravity. Nice science fiction, things works the way they are supposed to in Space, and two important messages: There’s no one out there looking up (or down) on us, and one of the keys to life is to let go of burdens past.

Also, big mention: It’s the first film I’ve seen where 3d has a role and makes things interesting. THAT is awesome.

REC es una maravilla. Es una película con un estilo narrativo original (y yo soy un mamón de la buena narración) y muy bien hecho.

Tiene momentos super interesantes.

Es la única película de zombies que yo conozco en el que los personajes, saben lo que es una peli de zombies. Da muchísima información del contexto amplio con pequeñas frases que aparentemente no significan nada. Da un miedo que te cagas. Todos los personajes que mueren al principio mueren en realidad por ser buenas personas. Bueno, todos los personajes en realidad. Tiene un buen flow, autocrítica de la televisión y una tía buena que da patadas en el culo.

Presta atención al estilo narrativo y a cada frase.

Me not anderstand espanish. Me click here.


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