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The mistery of the General Procuror and the Japanese Manga

Just like any of you, I’m following what’s going on in Crimea really closely. And just that you know, I’m worried just like you. It’s ok to be worried.
One lesser known aspect of this conflict is that, following the referendum and the de-facto annexation, the Russian Federation moved in a functioning administration. Judges, people to issue documents, policemen, whatever. And among those, they’ve named a young Prosecutor General for Crimea. Among other reasons, because she was prosecuted by the new government in Kiev.

Let me introduce you to Natalia Poklonskaya

From the BBC website. De la página web de la BBC.

Al igual que vosotros, imagino, yo sigo muy de cerca lo de Crimea. Y voy preocupao, claro. Es normal estarlo. Un aspecto poco conocido del conflicto es que tras el referendum y la anexión de facto, la Federación de Rusia envió a Crimea un equipo de administración completo, jueces, administrativos… entre ellos está el reciente nombramiento de una jurista al puesto de fiscal general de Crimea, entre otras razones por haber sido perseguida por el nuevo gobierno de Kiev.

En la foto más arriba os presento a Natalia Poklonskaya.

Pero claro, aquí han llegado los japoneses a liarla, como es su costumbre. Se ve que tenían una mañana así lenta en el curro y colectivamente se han puesto a dibujar manga de la estimada camarada Poklonskaya.

Si esque no se les puede dejar sueltos xD // You gotta keep them on a short lease, these Japanese. 😉

Ve las imágenes completas aqui. See the complete set of images in the link to the left.

The point being that our friends the Japanese have become infatuated with her and started drawing manga of her.

This is definitely my favorite, she looks ready to kick ass. Girls who kick ass == awesome. // Esta es mi favorita, parece que se va a poner a dar leña. Las tias que dan leña == molan.

Kick ass. That’s my advice. // Reparte leña. Ese es mi consejo

Upstream colors is as weird as its name suggests, and it deserves to be moniked “Swedish Experimental”. It’s obviously a story at the 3rd or 4tf degree, not to be taken literally  at all. One of those movies to let every spectator wonder by himself how to interpret the movie. But on the level of what’s on the screen it’s the story of a complete, absolute and terryfing domination of someone, by someone. It is hard and hardening to watch. Be warned.


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