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War stories

Ever since the civil war in Syria started, videos started coming from it.

It is not the first war that is being shown through the social media. Those who remember the images of Muhammar Gadaffi dragged through the desert and beaten up know.

There are many videos coming from Syria. Improvised weapons, for instance, is one of the largest categories. Those improvised weapons range from hilarious to terryfing. The terryfing ones could be further subdivided in terryfing for the enemy (some) and terryfing for the user (most).

I realize, by the way, I am being a horrible teaser. I am going to talk about lots of videos that, by my description, will sound pretty interesting, but despite claiming to have seen then, will not show any. I am sorry. I hope you believe me, I am doing it for your own protection. The deal is simple: if you enjoy travelling by plane, I would advice you to watch too many of those videos. What with the panopticon society and all that jazz.
Oh and don’t worry about me. To quote the captain of the Titanic: “I know what I’m doing”.

Other videos are about improvised weapons, like the light tank controlled with a playstation pad.
Some are about how silly you can be, and one hint on this one: if you ever end up having a tank, do NOT go into urban terrain. Others show how brave you can be like the guy who throws an explosive at a tank, it falls short and doesn’t blow, and simply steps out of cover again to throw it again. Lemme tell you, that guy survived. I guess his enormous steel balls were deflecting the bullets.
One of my personal favorites is the one about a guy becoming deaf seconds before he became some thin, red mist. “Favorite” is a strong word, I am just amazed about how jaded you can be of war that your pal is shooting a machinegun, you need to get to the other side and instead of going behind him, which would have taken 2 more seconds, you just crouch under the hail of bullets. I guess the guy had earplug of something, otherwise I just… don’t know.

Some can give you a fleeting, very partial impression of what one must feel when fired upon by a tank. Others are even scarier, and I usually don’t watch those.

But today I saw a video and it’s fascinating. Here, have it:

Click here, look at it. It’s safe to look, there’s no blood or anything. I promise.

For me, several things strike a chord with me. First is the simple acts of this guys laughing and having a generally swell time. I mean, if you are not in immediate danger, why not do like they do it? Why not take the piss off the sniper that’s trying to kill you? Honestly, without an extremely robust sense of humour, how can you survive a war, psychologically speaking?

There’s also another detail… listen closely at the 2:30 and tell me if you recognize what the guy hums, when he exposes the dummy. You may recognize it if you are of my generation. Comment if you do, then we can keep this conversation going.


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