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Chinese night

Tonight I had been thinking about China, a made a string of little discoveries.

First, what if you are interested in knowing how to write something in Chinese, for whatever purpose? Imagine you want to have it on a T-Shirt or on a photoshopped picture.

Well, if it’s a common concept, it’s a simple as searching the corresponding article in wikipedia, then changing to the Chinese version. This always work when the word you need is the title. Then you can put it into ZH > EN in goodle transgrate and check if it says what you mean.

Nice, huh?

But there’s more! There are pages that let you take any Chinese phrases you have copied, and turn them into nice calligraphy!!

Isn’t that pretty cool?

And finally, one of the bestest things of the internet. The fact that you can find books. For instance, Confucius’ Analects, which you can even find with the original Chinese!

– Ok, so… what do you mean with t…


– Oh. Oh I see.


La de Steve Jobs, pos no se. Independientemente de la veracidad en lo que concierne contar la vida del Steve Jobs, para mi lo principal que resale es que qué cojones me importa la vida de un empresario? De un tio que no quería ir a la guerra y curó gente, o algo asi, pos si, pero Estif Yobs?

About Jobs, I dunno, independently of the veracity for me the salient point is, what the fuck do I care? It’s a CEO, for fucks sake? I’d rather watch the life of someone who gave medical care to people in a war he didn’t want to fight. But a CEO?

Elysium: I wanted to call it Spirit of the Times but not use that annoying German word usually associated with idiots. I call it that because, hey, it’s about a popular uprising, and the good guys are people who would be dubbed “terrorists” by news services these days. It’s actually interesting how films directors are sensitive to what’s going on around the world. Well they live here anyway.

Bunraku is meta. How could I explain it? The use of cartoon like, or comic book like narration, interlaced with the real scenes. The very obvious references to other action movies (cowboy bebop, Bruce Lee). The explicit mention of other genres (Bunraku is a form of japanese theater). The obvious and intelligent use of stereotypes, arquetipes and pop philosophy. It’s all very cool. And lots of coloring.

Oh and the commuinist revolution. Did I mention that behind all the kung fu there’s the story of a communist revolution?

Hansel & Gretel: The most mindless fun possible. Pure action film, with spells and shit. But damn, son, there’s gore in it. Blood and gibs everywhere. xD Hollywood is copying B films just to fuck with us.


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