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The past and the present // Mira la peña toa maqueá

Mira la peña maqueá.

This articule makes me feel good and in touch with the universe. I know, you are probably thinking I’m weird, but seeing classical statues not as “omg the classical world wow it was so superior!!*” but as simple representations of who they were, human beings, much like a picture of someone seen many years later… I like it.

* an opinion which is, by the way, quite a sizeable cartwheel of manure, imo. I mean, fuck much of classical art, it was just 1. the tastes of the rich and 2. hidden porn. Nowadays you have even greater if not greater works of art, new and different works of art because of the new media, and most important, art that is relevant because it’s contemporary, because it’s set in the current context. Classical art is great but idolizing it is missing the point.

Take a look at it.

Coño que cansao es contar ovejos.

I like them, and I like what they show and capture, I really do. It’s both their ancient looks and the modern looks, combined, that I find so charming.

... que no pasa na!

Traaanqui, colega…

yo le daba lo suyo!!!

🙂 Molan los griegos y el que haya pensado esto.
Abyss is probably one of the most amazing sci fies out there. Everything in it is perfect. The unknowns, the new tech. Of special interest is the drowning scene, wow, wtf? Squirmers like me shouldn’t watch it.

Titan AE reminds me a lot, A LOT, of the cartoon movies of the late 80’s. There’s just something in it. Maybe it reminds me of Jayce and the Wheeled warriors. It’s funny, there’s this sci fi stereotype of the reluctant hero and this one follows it quite closely. Another funny part is how the characters never eat, just fiddle with their food…. but that’s only important if you are the kind of person who takes a quick look at the foreground of any scene of a movie, then pays more attention to the background.
I dunno, this film reminds me of something and I can’t put my finger on it. Probably because it’s an abstract concept.

Fahrenheit 451 is a really good adaptation of the book, and the change at the end is brilliant. Such an ending would not have been ok for the book, but it was perfect for the movie. Also, “old future” or how they imagined the future in the 80’s. Unfortunately there’s much of this film that’s becoming true, like the intentional bovinization of the population.

La vie d’Adelle is really interesting. Not only it struck me as realistic and tasteful (and that includes the torrid lesbian sex scenes), but I loved the multiple instances in which the background foretells the story. Also it’s a fair potrait of a protracted, bad breakup. xD Or maybe it just made me remember Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code.
Also, what the hell, torrid lesbian sex wooooooooooo!

The Manchurian candidate is a really good conspiracy movie, but for me the most important part is how they updated it, and now the brainwashers who control the presidential candidate aren’t the soviets but private companies. Yeah.


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