New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

America, occupied.

Land belongs to the person who works it.

Something that is made for love, something that is made through the mutual help of neighbors, is more beautiful than something made for profit, and more graceful than something managed from the top by a gry bureaucrat. Why? Essentially for the same reason why, in any given city, under the flagstones you will find the beach. For the same reason, too, that authority breeds resentment, violence begets violence and greed begets greed. Not to mention that if not everyone is free, then no one is free.

I mention that as a gentle, allegorical introduction to my activity tonight. There’s this place, it’s called Cinema America, or America movie theater, as translated from Italian. It would also be fair to say that its current name is Cinema America Occupato.

To avoid mincing my words, let’s put it simply: it’s a squat. Its inhabitants would call it an okupied building. I prefer to think of it as reclaimed land.

Apart from showing films (and having space for artists, and having classes of all sorts, and being self-managed, and having practice space for bands, and, and, and), today it inaugurates its library.

To celebrate it, they are showing a very appropiate film. Which one, you guess?

François Truffaut’s

And if that wasn’t appropiate enough, let me explain to you that the price of entry is… a book.

Sorry if I can’t explain more, but I’m leaving. Why don’t you read about it yourself?

Also, these guys have occupied America. Don’t you find it funny?

Rushing out the door.


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