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Oman, pt. 1

I’m in Oman. In Oman I tell you. Click here.

Don’t ask how that happened, don’t ask about the miracles of overbooking. All that it matters is that I am here, at the Alfndq l’eq Krat Bldy Hotel (الفندق لعق كرات بلدي). And you know what? Mistrust anyone who tells you that all 5-star hotels are the same.

Ok, maybe the service, the style of the rooms, the prices, the kind of mattresses and all that are the same, but there are important differencs. For instance: The toilet paper in my room is in the opposite wall to the wc, and waaaaay out of reach. WTF? If ratings were serious, that would be one star less.

Oh, and you know that thing about adapters for plugs and shit?

¿que dices de un adaptador? Quita de enmedio, MARICA

¿que dices de un adaptador? Quita de enmedio, MARICA

That said, there are nice and/or funny things to report, so I’m going to just dump them without any particular order.

– I’ve just gone down to the nearest local fast food joint and ordered Hummous and a smoothie. The hummous is the best ever, and the smoothie tastes just like my mom used to do for me as a child! 😀

– As usual, I tried walking around town, and all I managed was to start raving because of the sun. Pro tip: Don’t wear heavy metal T-shirts in Oman. But the thing is, on foot you will get nowhere. Oman is in the desert in more ways than just being hot and sandy. Actually let’s just say it: Muscat doesn’t exist. Not as a city anyway, it’s a loose collection of clusters of buildings (otherwise shiny and recently built, and in more taste than in Azerbaidjan…. but that’s easy.) and isolated luxury resorts, carved in mountains and crazy shit. I walked for close to two hours and finally I decided to take a taxi and see the town. Everything is SO far, and there are mountains in between.

I guess everyone gets oils from their backyards, because you CANNOT live here without a car.


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