New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia


El cobre es un métal, ¿no?

Bueno pues…

¿Quereis cobre?????




Venga una cancioncilla.

Este post está dedicado a la Albacete Mirage krew (que entenderán el 100% del chiste) y a mr. Golden Warrior, que solo entenderá la mitad.


El Great Gastby is an interesting film. Visually it’s awesome, and I really like the combination of 20’s aestethics and modern visuals. It’s awesome. Pity there’s a party about 3/4 in when the main characters start having some sort of moral debate around a table…. I didn’t really understand much of it.

Innerspace is one of the first movies I remember at all, and, unsurprisingly, it’s cool science fiction. Dennis Quaid is miniaturized and insterted into a random, wimpy guy, and the wimpy guy because an Action Hero thanks to that. It’s cool, tbh. The 80’s had this thing I remember fondly: even wimpy guys can make a difference. That’s awesome.

The Goonies is an awesome movie and if you haven’t watched it, I honestly don’t know how you are my friend. It’s got so many cool things, not least the OST by amazing Cindy Lauper. Among the many cool things of the film, there’s one I remember fondly: Girls don’t leave with the asshole, they go with the non-asshole, cool guy. Oh and the good guys win in the end over the rich assholes. Oh, the 80’s.

Seriously, watch The Goonies if you haven’t. No, really.


Una respuesta to “Cobre”

  1. 50% entendido!!


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