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Olympic Clusterfucks

It’s September already! The year is starting, the summer brake is over and so is the break I was taking from writing here. Although it might happen again since I’m lazee.

But I wanted to start the year speaking about a serious topic, the Olympic Clusterfucks games.

You see, Spanish people have just been blessed by a massive stroke of luck. The 2020 Olympic games have gone to Tokyo. That is intersting in itself, but I’ll discuss that at the end.

To sum up, it’s obvious that the thousands of millions of euros that the Madrid town hall was ready to diss for the Olympics won’t go there. Will they go to healthcare and education, as they should? That I sincerely doubt, but one can hope. At least they won’t be burned in a useless, damaging venture.

I might as well start this post going straight to the point: I am against the Olympic games and I think that they should be cancelled completely until some very, very serious reforms are done to them. Either they change completely or they dissappear, and I’ll be happy if they dissappear in their current form.

Yeah, I’ve probably started this post by committing heresy, haven’t I? How could I speak against the Olympic games, the summit of peace, sport and blah blah! No one ever criticises those!
Well, I do, and these are my reasons.

1 – They encourage the most serious violations of human rights.

Wait, what?? How could that be?  Well, it is. One of the things that happens before the olympics is that homeless people are beaten and tortured until they make themselves scarce. Why? It’s simple, we can’t have those filthy poors giving a bad impression of the city on TV, now could we?

I am certainly not asking you to like homeless people, but I am asking you to consider: Are you ok with the quote “If you are poor you can’t have no rights”? Because if you are, maybe you’ve never considered that it could happen to you.

Here are my sources

Atlanta cleanup includes one-way ticket for the homeless
And when you read the article, ask yourself how free is a homeless person to turn down the “I won’t be back” contract, when it is being served by 4 cops.

Met harrassing the homeless before the olympics

I just want you to consider that, to my mind, what the papers report is just the tip of the iceberg.

BIG, IMPORTANT EDIT: A good friend has signalled that I had missed something, but I hadn’t missed, I just didn’t know. The Tlatelolco massacre. The people of Mexico DF at some point weren’t too happy about the martial law imposed for the olympics, they protested and were fired upon. My favorite quote of this entire article is “the granaderos said that the authorities gave the men in the riot squad thirty pesos (eleven dollars) for every student they clubbed and hauled off to jail.”
But it’s a great article you should read. It includes everything we see today, including the presidential guard firing on the military to provoke them into action. Madrid, Plaza del Sol, anyone?

2 – The encourage the most serious violations of political rights

What does this even mean? It means that anyone who doesn’t toe the official line for the olympics gets beaten up too. Anything that could look bad to the current government on TV is thoroughly suppressed.

Think about this: Back in 1992, before the Olympics, all of my (Catalan) college teachers received nightly visits from the cops, they were beaten up and told in no uncertain terms that any unauthorized Catalan flag that showed up on TV, they would pay with their skin.

That was 1992, Catalan nationalism wasn’t even a tenth as active as it is today, or a tenth as active as the protests are today all over Spain, considering the current crisis and how the current government is using the crisis, just imagine how much worse the repression will be.
Same goes for the protests in Turkey, so congrats to them too.
All in all, Tokyo is probably the least bad choice. They’ll beat up the homeless there, but at least there aren’t large dissenter movements (I think?).

And that’s without getting on the 2010 Beijing Olympics…


My sources (other than my own experience):

In 2004, the European Human Rights Court ruled that Spain had failed to investigate the tortures that happened in 1992.

Imagine what it was like in China. It’s like that every single time.

3 – They are straight handouts to big companies.

The London 2012 Olympics were a straight handout to big corporations, and an enormous effort was done to exclude and hide the small business, who suffered from the fact that they had to hide away.

The Guardian reports on it

And so does the BBC

4 – The Olympics mean financial ruin.

Debt-saddled cities, underused infrastructures, graft…

What does wikipedia think? Read it.

Not all olympic games appear as losses, but considering the different reporting standards, and the fact that you will find articles from reputable newspapers about every single Olympic games that explain in detail how the numbers were fudged and it resulted in losses, well…..

And that’s without getting into the accounting of intangible assets. What is the costs in terms of the environment, or the human costs of the near-police state imposed for every single olympics as explained above? Can any of that be good?

And what abou the commercialization and commoditization of the olympics? Yeah.

I would sincerely hope that after reading my article every single one of you would give a resounding “fuck you” to any proposals to do the Olympics in their current form, and that you’d consider campaigning to thoroughly change the way the olympics are made.

One final note:

The 2020 olympics will take place in Tokyo. Have you read a comic book called Akira?

I think we should be fucking scared….


Olympus (eh!) has fallen is a concentre of everything that you could expect of american action hero movies. The bads are very bad, the good guy is very awesome, and there’s red, white and blue until you choke in it. It’s entertaining in that way, but it’s pretty ridiculous.
My favorite quote is that of the baddie to the president. “I’ve read your bible” as if it was some kind of feat. Ridiculous.

Hackers is an awesome 90’s movie. Apart from the hilarious old-high-tech, I seriously think it kinda of predicted the rise of groups of IT-activists, like anonymous. It didn’t predict the rise of corporations grafting and fucking over people, that has always been true.
Also, a dude bones Angelina Jolie in that movie. So there.


2 comentarios to “Olympic Clusterfucks”

  1. I would say the same goes for the European football tournaments, and probably also the World Cup. It’s the ugly side of the coin that they don’t want us to see, but it’s there. It’s a shame that such things happen because they completely ruin the message of “peace” that the games are supposed to bring. On a side note, I’ve always wanted to read Akira and, after your entry, now I want to watch both movies, especially Olympus has fallen.

  2. 🙂 Oh, you are certainly right, it’s always like that and it’s disgusting. Only minor sports are free from this…. until money gets in.

    Read Akira. It’s pretty awesome. And watch both movies, seriously. 🙂
    Your comment makes me think that my blog is not completely wasted.

    Also, one more thing, try a drinking game:
    Watch Olympus has fallen, and every time there’s a dose of patriotism, drink a shot. If you finish the movie and you can still stand, you win. xD


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