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Movies and colors

Ok, so you should read this article. It has colored (no pun intended) my perception of movies ever since I read it.

The article

So, have you read it? Good.

To sum up, I like paying attention to color filters when they show up. Mostly, as the article points out, they show up simply to represent the good and the bad side, and to create moods, even if it’s not a precise instrument, and the studied that suggested that a certain color creates a certain mood have been disproved.

Take, for instance, Chocolat, a Thai movie about a mentally challenged girl who can kick much, much ass. Every time, every single time there’s fighting, a heavy yellow filter descends upon the screen, to the point that red, fresh meet ends up having this disgusting runny shit color.
At some other points, when her and the fat sidekick reflect on how desperate their life is, the filter is blue.

I mean… I understand the filters and all but I think moviemakers are abusing then. What do you think? Have you noticed similar things in movi

ahora, cuidao con las hostias que arrea

pero detras del filtro es bonica

And then, of course, there are times when colors are used not to create mood, but to imply things…


Legacy of Rage: Brandon Lee pegando hostias como panes y pegando tiros. Lo de los tiros lo diferencia mucho de su viejo.
Brandon Lee kicking ass and packing heat, and the latter part is what makes his films different from his dad’s.

1997 Escape from New York: Old tech, really tough guys, sci-fi weapons, and cassette tapes. Yeah. All cool about punching and shooting. Higly reccomended for mindless fun and to ponder what people of old thought the future would be.

Tecnología viejuna, tios duros y cintas de casete. Mola, hostias y tiros a destajo. Muy recomendad para echarse unas risas y para reflexionar sobre cómo veían el futuro en aquellos años

Unstoppable: Se escapa de control un tren, se cagan en todo, alguien critica a los sindicatos y luego los protas paran el tren. Putas pelis republicanas.
A train escapes control, bricks are shat, someone criticises unions, then the good guys stop the train. Republican moviez suck.

Chocolate (the 2008 Thai artial arts movie, not the one about chocolate makes): Muchísimas hostias. Hay partes que no se entienden, por ejemplo por qué no le dan la pasta que le deben a la pobre cría. Se ahorrarían que les midiera el lomo. Luego tampoco entiendo por qué de repente, cuando, así por causalidad, la cría está dandole una paliza a mil mafiosos, llega el padre, que también es mafioso pero es japonés, y empieza a pegar tiros, repartir espadazos y hostias también. Asi, como de la nada.

Lots of ass is kicked in this movie. I don’t really get some parts. For instance, why doesn’t everybody pay the girl the money they owe? They’d all save time, effort and injuries. Also, at one point she chances into a mafia guy’s lair and she starts kicking all this ass. Then her dad, also mafia, but japanese, waltzes in and starts shooting, stabbing and punching people all around. Just like that.


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