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An invention from the evil doctor lab

Un mes sin entradas ¿eh? No había pasado nunca. Y lo siento, porque me doy cuenta que la peña ha desertado el bloj en masa. Culpa mía claro, que he escrito menos y debe ser menos interesante.

La razón es que he estado ocupado con otras cuestiones creativas. Podría dar mil explicaciones, pero… ¿Por qué no lo veis por vosotros mismos? Decirme lo que pensais.

A month without entries. Difficult to believe, huh, it had never happened. I am sorry, because everyone has left this blog in droves. My bad of course, I was writing less, and apparently worse.

There’s a reason: I’ve been busy with some creative endeavours. I could speak about it, but… isn’t it better if I simply show you? Tell me what you think, I’ll appreciate…
La linterna emisora de Morse a partir de una caja de caramelos. /The morse flashlight out of a candybox.
(Porque… ¿ande iríamos sin el impulso creativo?)

Lo que era al principio / What it was at the start
En funcionamiento / In action

Morse code
Vista frontal. To ciberpunk/ Front view. Cyberpunk as hell.

Cyberpunk. El futuro es desechable /the future is disposable


Vista interna trasera – Dispone de modo linterna y de modo morse/ Inne back view. It has two configurations: Flashlight and morse code.

La canción del pirata / The pirate song

¿Qué hay que no puedas hacer con una batería del nokia? // What can’t you do with a nokia battery?


Si, ya se que mis habilidades apestan. // Yeah, my skillz suck, ok?

El toque friki // The nerd touch


Euh…. yeah, I like science and stuff, why do you ask?


Bruce Lee is everything you expect to find in a Bruce Lee movie. Action and easter mysticism. Hostias y proverbios in Spanish. It was cool, but it didn’t surprise me.

Francesco Totti’s 282 goals were just that, sitting and watching goal after goal after goal. I guess some people REALLY like Francesco Totti, but I had had enough around goal  nº67.

Master & Commander is an interesting thing to analyze. It’s all “hooha navy!” and shit, but it’s nice that at least it’s realistic and brutal, so that no one gets deluded into what war is. That’s the only perspective I can understand, for instance, the fact that they bully someone to death and the captain is all “We repent, don’t we? Cool, let’s keep going”.

The man with the iron fists is an awesome, silly martial arts movie that delivers what it promises, silly action. Lovely, I seriously appreciate it, specially the scene with the whores organizing amongst themselves and taking no shit from men. It’s funny, though, how the RZA, the supposed protagonist of this movie, is barely protagonist at all.


Una respuesta to “An invention from the evil doctor lab”

  1. Yaaaay, i’m so proud of you? can’t wait for the next thing you’ll produce 😉


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