New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

Stolen bridges

It’s not the first time thieves have displayed such ambition. Earlier this year half a bridge in India was stolen over the course of three days – the 40 thieves involved told a guard they had been contracted by the public works department, and blithely set up their cranes. Last year, in the Czech Republic, a 10-tonne railway bridge was stolen by a gang who pretended to be making way for a nifty new cycle route.

Something has changed. I feel it in the air. Bridges are going missing.

Operation Petticoat is a really nice film, fun and interesting because it’s old. I really like how this film is all about gender equality. Of course there are many stereotypes of the time (and natives as pictured as stupid) but much of the film is really about women being as capable as men, and that’s great. Also, the fact that the submarine is pink is totally not a metaphore for anything else.

Cloud atlas is visually incredible and very interesting. The Wachovskies deliver again.


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