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Surviving monotaxocausofilia

Reality > Fiction

Sometimes things happen. That’s one thing about this universe: things happen.

And then you have an enormous number of people reacting, writing about and making jokes out of all those things that happen. That’s how it works.

But sometimes, something happens that makes everyone silent. Something so… particular, that scriptwriters and comedians are just left speechless. And that thing, is always reality. Because you can write fiction as shocking as you want it, but at one point good old reality will want to teach you a lesson, and do something that makes your fiction look sane and logical in comparison. Sometimes reality does things that would look like bad fiction, if it was fiction. But it’s not.

This is one of those moments.

I want to make it clear, though, that this is not an attack on any institution. I am not even making fun of them. Hell, I am going to go as far as say that surely there’s a logical explanation. Still… reality must be feeling feasty.

Without further ado, an article that might blow your mind.


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