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Mortadelo & Filemón

Ok, so this is a very Spanish thing.

Mortadelo and Filemón are two comic characters from my childhood. I think two generations of Spanish kids and adults have read these, and I guess that, in a way, it’s had it’s share of cultural impact. But… it’s a very regional thing, and full of the most absurd of humours.

Copied from, author Francisco Ibañez

I think you should just get some info here, before you keep going.

So yeah, their slapstick humor, constantly filled with accidents at mishaps, is quite the influence in Spain, specially starting in the 90’s when the author put these guys in the middle of present day events. For instance they’ve caused mishaps in many Olympic games of the day, Football World Cups, political events like the Maastricht agreement…

Let me show you an exemple, specially relevant if you are an interpreter with Spanish in your combination.

They are fun, if naive, and I still enjoy them.

But I’d also like to add a little story about them. In the series they are a pair of secret agents that work for the TIA, the Spanish Initials for Air, All-terrain Investigation Techinicals, obviously a spoof of the CIA.

Thing is, back in the days of the beginning of the war on terror, the paranoia against arabs and all that, there was talk in Washington and in the news, for a short while, of creating an overseer intelligence agency to better coordinate the CIA, the FBI and all those. The proposed name?

The Total Intelligence Agency. (T.I.A.).

Let that sink in. It’s one more case of reality surpassing fiction.

———————————————————————–School of Rock is fun and lighthearted, and full of nice moments if you’ve played in bands. It’s nice. This movie is also about kids doing things that adults do (play in bands) and so it’s a bit of a parody of things adults do. Before you watch it, prepare yourself a warm and tasty cup of Suspension of Desbelief. Also the music is awesome.

Real Steel is a hi tech-robots and shit version of Karate kid. It’s ok to watch once and kill some night, but eh. The only thing I don’t get is how do they get to the top of the championship considering the protagonists almost always lose the battles.
Oh, and the “We characterize the robot as sensitive and capable of feeling but we treat him like a ruthless fighting machine” part was creepy. It’s a high-budget B movie, nothing more.


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