New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

This is a hard science fiction story.

yo:  bueno pues
sonja:  lecciones de interpretacion

yo:  xD mejor mejor
a ver ¿te he contado la historia de mis amigos los mecánicos y la pieza de su moto?

sonja:  cuenta
jajajaja no
no mames
vas transportando piezas de bulgaria a italia?
eres mula de piezas de motos?
andas tragando piezas de motos?

yo:  xD mejor todavía
MUCHO mejor
empiezo por ahi que te va molar esta historia
y entonces
entenderás mejor mi idea de negocio

sonja:  que cuenta cuenta

yo:  Holy fuck, Mickey Rourke has died

sonja:  yes


sonja:  i got the email from the NYT

yo:  so my friends are airplane mechanis for the army

sonja:  and andrew wonders why i REFUSE to downhill ski ever

yo:  these are two of my 3 best friends in Albacete

sonja:  in which army

yo:  holy shit I’d refuse too
the Spanish army
but they are civilians

sonja:  ok

yo:  It’s just that they have studied how to repair these jets
and their specialty is


sonja:  ok

yo:  So in their spare time they are turning that beat motorcycle they bought for cheap into a road beast
but they had a problem, one piece was broken, and it was not made anymore
impossible to find
So what did they do ?
They went to work

sonja:  omg
send you an order?
stole a piece?

yo:  went to [WORK]
and started fashioning their piece, one fine morning
Imagine an industrial machine, you know
like a chamber that blows sand

sonja:  ok
yo:  and it cuts and shapes steel

sonja:  ok

yo:  and they happily made pieces for their bike
So I heard this story
and I’m not sure if you think the same

sonja:  ok

yo:  but I told them “dudes, you are crazy. If you get caught your fucking ass is grass!”
And they had these villain smiles on them
And were like
xD you know nothing, John Snow.

sonja:  haha yes
oh god

and they kept telling
and told me
that they were in the middle of that when a [HIGH LEVEL SUPERVISOR] walks in
and asks them “Hey guys, what are you up to?”

sonja:  haha

Enviado a la(s) 23:03 del miércoles

sonja:  what did they say
yo:  “Oh, you know, we are making this piece for a bike we are fixing as a hobby.”

sonja:  ha

yo:  and my jaw fell to the frigging floor
but this guy was super impressed
because they were the only guys in the entire [WORKSHOP] who knew how to use that machine
xD so apparently they are well respected in the [WORK] milieu

sonja:  he didnt care?

yo:  xD

sonja:  haha

yo:  :D my friends are cool
and if you still want entertainement
I can tell you about the other member of the gang

sonja:  haha
but what is the business

yo:  Ok so
I bought some guitar slides and started for the first time playing slide
see what was up
and then we started reminiscing

sonja:  ok

yo:  of two slides they had made for me years ago
with some decoration… anyway cool shit
(that I lost in a conflict I had with the Russian postal service, but w/e)
and we had this idea that we could do custom slides and sell them for cheap on the internet

sonja:  ha

yo:  since they are cheap as fuck to do, and prolly easy

sonja:  ahhh cool

yo:  and I am trying to badger them
but they are moving just now so they are busy
and to try and motivate them
I made this

sonja:  ok

yo:  with a page I had that had lost its use

sonja:  hahahahahahaah

yo:  xDDD

Enviado a la(s) 23:11 del miércoles

Chevaliers du ciel: The very first film of the year was a French action film centered on jet fighter pilot. It’s all you woud expect, action, missiles, planes, testosterone… but it’s a French film, so the government isn’t threatened by some crazy villain in flying armor, but bythe taliban who manage to brainwash a female american F-16 pilot. Oh and tricks like James Bond’s. So coolio. All you would expect, but cool.

Ghostbusters II: This movie is amazing, what else can I add? Well, maybe something you haven’t noticed: The films was conceived as a love letter to New York City. Think about it, there are lots of little New York folklore moments, not least the good guys defeating the bad guy while riding shotgun over Ms. Liberty HERSELF.

(Picture taken from this site).

If you love New York city, show this movie some proper love.


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