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Flat White

This is a commonplace moment that I am sure all of you know. But have you stopped to think of all the implications?

Ok, let me explain: This is the moment when cities like Sofia become more difficult to move around in.

In case you like videogames, this is a moment Panzer General lovers will understand. It’s when the whole screen gets clearer shades and, if you are, say, making the last assault in Moscow, you would be all “Shit!” because the Soviets get major defensive bonuses. On the other hand, you could cross rivers just like that. (Now that we are on the topic: some enthusiast have made a super improved version of Panzer General and they even added the sound of cold winds. But I’ll talk about this weird nerds on the first of January.)

But here is something you don’t know:
Do you know that every time you step on the snow you destroy unique and never to be repeated fractal universes?

Fractal – Snow Flakeby ~P1-2004gsb

Snow is composed of entire microscopic fractal structures created thanks to the Law of Chaos, in patterns can be know in general, but never predicted in particular.
And every time you step on snow, you flatten and complete destroy entire universes of them.

Sucks, huh?  Think about it next time you stepon snow.

Anyway, this long post just to say that we finally have snow in Sofia.



2 comentarios to “Flat White”

  1. “finally”? it came two weeks ago! anyway, i loved this post, and you know why? because, apart from the sweet geeky digression into assaults of Moscow and game stuff that i know absolutely nth about, i was very happy to see that you’re a snowflake fan, appreciate the microscopic beauty of it all and so on. can you make a related post on window frost next?

    • I *know* it came two weeks ago, thank you very much 😉 But I haven’t paid to this blog the attention it deserves.
      I could certainly write about window frost, but I don’t suffer it myself. I’m too busy cleaning up window seepage.

      I am glad you liked it. 🙂


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