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So today I received, as usual, some spam in my blog comments. Let me show you:

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In 1994, Page and Plant reunited for a 90-minute “UnLedded” MTV project. They later released an album called No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded , which featured some reworked Led Zeppelin songs, and embarked on a world tour the following year. This is said to be the beginning of a rift between the band members, as Jones was not even told of the reunion.

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And honestly:
Woah, do we have films to comment or what? I think this is the first time that the commentary on the films is going to be longer than the actual post. But I don’t mind.

Ok, so Kung Fu Hustle is a hilarious film. It’s a kung fu/super heroes film, with lots of Chinese humor. There are Chinese gangs having their asses kicked by the poor but honest and hardworking people. It’s really funny.
The funnier thing is that I’ve watched it in Italian and the hilarious thing is that the original accents are changed into different Italian accents, depending on the character. That makes me wonder, what are the original accents like? What’s the cultural association that Chinese people have with each accents? Because I sure as hell have no association. I had little enough of the Italian ones.
But the FUNNIEST thing is how, despite all that…. the film was beyond hilarious, worth watching agains as soon as you finish it.

It’s also very interesting how the film changes from comical to dramatic to love story to tale of poverty to tale of friendship back to some serious ass-kicking, many times, all over the movie.  It’s different than in Europe. It’s like one of those Chinese operas I keep hearing about.

The New Karate kid is fun. I mean, it’s a bit of cotton candy, something really designed to make you feel good (both about the good values defended in the film and about you not being able to exercise, since that kid is karating the shit out, and it counts for two) and to disconnect for a while not think about much. And for that purpose, it’s fantastic. But I also appreciate that they are really on with the times. They speak of modern cultural references, like the Chinese kids being amazed at seeing someone doing the robot.

Hot fuzz is super funny and you have to watch it. I’ve watched it twice, in Italian and the original English, and both are hilarious. It’s full of good British humor and references, and it gets pretty crazy at times, and that makes it great. Seriously, British humour alert.
That said, the main messages that come from it are “trust the police” and “the law will triumph or something…”

Argo is a good movie, well done and with good suspense. On that level, it’s a good, not super memorable watch. On the positive side, they acknowledged at the start of the movie that the Shah was bad and that the Shah had been installed thanks to American and British power. Wow, all the power to you for admitting that. And then on the other side, the fact that one of the big points of the movie is to say very loud: “But it wasn’t the Canadians, the merit was ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuurs!!!!!”. K, fine duders.


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