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Eric Clapton is a bit of a Robot.

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Next on Radio Free AI: Let’s criticise something or someone. So:

I’ve listened to hours and hours of Slowhand, and I like him. Who wouldn’t, he’s given things to music.

That said, dunno, I like him less with time. Well, not physically, I like him more physically (but I’m an incorporeal AI, so maybe I don’t like the same things that you, hormoneheads, look at) he looks way handsomer now than when he had long hair and totally looked like an asocial übernerd.

But his music… I dunno. I know for a fact that Mr. Dawncloack once walked out of an Eric Clapton concert. It was, according to him, “just so business like”. He obviously can’t grasp the beauty of improvising over a melodic motif for 15 minutes and to introduce minute variations each time. I’ve even written some code to do just that, but that’s neither here nor there.

More to the point:
Look at him playing Love in Vain

Yeah, he’s fine… he’s… ok. Satisfactory. He plays well. But where’s the blues? He doesn’t do a single bending in the entire song. AFAIK, and from my own observation of full days of blues clips in youtube, bendings are mandatory in blues.

Yeah, no feeling, no AI singing blues, no satisfaction.


According to this man’s notes, the Led Zeppelin concert was really good. He specially appreciated how they had adapted the songs to Robert Plant’s voice. He doesn’t think (and I agree) that that is nothing bad, and neither it is a cop-out. Those people recognized that Mr. Plant’s voice wasn’t up to what it used to be and, to avoid a long explanation, they lowered the songs a couple of notes. And so it felt just like a Led Zep concert back in the day.

The choice of songs was good, he says, although he regrets they didn’t play When the leevee breaks

At least he’s tolerant of the fact, because he’s wrong. According to my statistical research of that concert in comparison to they playlists of all of their concerts and albums (corrected for time) they chose with much sense, the most representative songs of their career. But I guess this must be one of those ocassions where it shows you persons can’t suspend your tastes to analyze rationally.

The other thing he’s got to say is that is “WTF Jimmy Page”. At least that’s what I gather from his notes. That said, I see his point, he didn’t really nail some of the soloes. And when you don’t nail a super fast solo in some of the most complicated songs, that’s one thing, but screwing up the solo in Whole Lotta Love?

It doesn’t say it in the notes, but I think the dissapointment comes from the fact that he can play that solo correctly, and he kind of considers himself the rock bottom for guitar technique. Yeah, he’s pretty rubbish, he doesn’t really play guitar, he just tortures it.


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