New Russian Chronicles
Surviving monotaxocausofilia

The cliff

And there you are, sitting at a cliff.

It might seems that sitting at a cliff is easy, but it’s not. Have you tried? Even when you are sitting slightly away from the edge you can still hear all your instincts literally screaming. I guess that’s why we all like horror films, the reptilian part of our brains still reacts instantly to when the murderer is on screen, and seconds later the more advanced parts inform us that we are still safe. It’s an adrenaline kick, without risk.

Some muscles in the back relax, and your head hangs slightly closer to the edge. You see a bit more of the opposite cliff, completely vertical.

Shit, it’s really high. 22 meters? How fast would I enter the water? Let’s see… initial speed, zero. Acceleration… 9.8m/s^2… let’s say ten for ease of calculation.X = 22, a = 10… so X equals A multiplied by time squared, all of that divided by two… it’s… euh…
Fuck it I don’t know.

Some muscles in the back relax a bit more, the muscles in the arms tense to support your torso. Your head is now beyond the cliff and above the water

Dude, is the water cold? Haha, like that is part of my worries now.

Your head hanging, you see more. The water is dark blue, tranquil, and you see this side of the cliff.  It looks like it was cut with a chisel.

Apparently I wouldn’t smash myself against anything on the way down. Only against the water. Because crap, water has a very high surface tension, higher than most liquids. That’s thanks to Van der Vaals effect. Water molecules are polar, like magnets, which means that on the surface…. whatever.

Leg muscles twitch, you look down a bit further, but the hands refuse to give.

Shit man… what if… this is really high. But you know what?

You stand up, look behind you, then look at the water. Standing right beside the cliff, even without any wind and in perfect health is disorienting. Just the fact that there’s no floor right beside you makes your legs quiver, your footing unsteady. You instincts still screaming at you, your legs twitch a bit stronger than usual in a particular direction. Essentially, the body has reacted, feeling that the trembling was not good.

Everything’s better now. No trembling. You just… look down and… oh shit. You’ve


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