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Later, in the water…

And that, ladies and gentlement, is the true story of how I jumped from a 22m cliff after thinking about it for a bit. I entered the water at 20.77 m/s (or 74.76 km/h) and impacted the water with 18935.2 joules in kinetic energy. That’s quite a bit.

But the main thing is how philosophical it was. There’s you, and the cliff, and having the presence of mind of overcoming your instincts.
I know I can hardly make justice to it in words… but it’s exhilarating, and I advice you to go to Sozopol and try it.

But beware of one thing: Never look down to the water while you are falling, or you will have to pay the price in blood.
The blood of your gums.


2 comentarios to “Later, in the water…”

  1. omg. 22 meters is like 70 feet. You’re nuts. We have instincts for a reason. I’m so glad you’re alive. Did you jump a second time? I did a cliff that was between 40 and 50 feet once and that was more than high enough. I’m fairly certain I would have died if it had been 70 ft. I think I would just have a heart attack in the air. Seriously. Props to you.

  2. I failed to mention that the first time I did it from a slightly lower ledge, then two others from the very top xD It was awesome.


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