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No war

An American soldier in a hospital explained how he was wounded: He said
“I was told that the way to tell a hostile Vietnamese from a friendly Vietnamese was to shout ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ If he shoots, he’s unfriendly. So I saw this dude and yelled ‘To hell with Ho Chi Minh!’ and he yelled back, ‘To hell with President Johnson!’ We were shaking hands when a truck hit us.”
from 1,001 Ways to Beat the Draft, by Tuli Kupferburg.

I seriously hope Western countries stop their extremely scary slide towards hell. Not that I think they will, I’m sure the whole rotten structure that we call “civilization” is going to collapse all around the world. But, sure as I am, I don’t relish the moment when I’ll have to tell an instructor that I refuse to pick up a gun and defend the state against my fellow man.


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