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Things no one cares about

It’s summertime and I’m busy. So instead of my amazing posts you get…. wait, this IS one of my amazing posts. Oh really? Let’s get on with it then.

Anyway, some cool music.

And now some cool things you didn’t know:

Hay una linea de condones con sabor a bizcocho de arándanos.
There’s a line of condoms flavored as…. wait lemme check that in a dictionary… blueberry muffins.
Check it out here // Miralo aqui
Si.// Yep.

Also, I’ve found something curious: Something that is only mentioned once in the entire internet (twice with this post).
It’s an old, and very small mall that was built as a tunnel in the middle of an urban area, in my home town. I remember the place (it had arcades) and it doesn’t exist anymore. “Pasaje Unikos” it was called.
Here, take a look aqui // Descúbrelo here

And in case you are interested, I remember the first time in my life I specifically listened to music. Not as in “hear music” but as in plain old sit down and listen to an entire album. I had a record player, and I’m 80% sure that what I listened to was this:
link to read the playlist (Just don’t giggle if you can guess how old I was)
One can only wonder and guess at how much that record shaped my musical tastes.

As it usually happens with lp’s I like, there were some tracks I listened to over and over. In this case, track 2 and track 3.
La piste 3 me fait penser jusqu’a quel point je suis infuencié par “Il était une fois… l’homme”. Serieux, la plus par de ce que je sais su corps humain, c’est grâce à ces putain de gabachos.

And this might come as a surprise, but this is the first album I ever bought for myself.
The Cardigans – Gran Turismo (H8rs gonna h8)


Les intouchables is a cool film. I mean, it’s nice and all and has a lot of funny moments. But not really memorable. One of the things I really enjoyed was hearing street-level parisian again.

The Custeaud documentary was really cool, I had never watched one of those and they are actually very sweet, not only do they speak of interesting things about animals, but also try to make it poetic. For instance, they speak of the loneliness of the marine biologist away from home, and do such great things as giving the floor to both the environmentalists and the industry people opposed to them.  It´s really something of another time, and only comparable to how much David Attemborough exuded love for every animal he spoke of.


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