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Obscure trade magazines

When I woke up this morning I didn’t know that there was a magazine for the oil industry. I mean, what was I thinking. I should have known.

To be honest, it doesn’t read as any “haha oil, let’s fuck everything”. It’s a little thing for engineers and engineering techniques, mostly. It has “haha oil” parts.

To be honest, it makes me think two things. First, how obscure can these magazines get? Is there a magazine for seed breeders? (yes), is there one for… what is the most obscure we can find?

The second thought is that maybe I have never found that extremel y technical magazines for civil engineers were obscure at all… since I’ve seen them since infancy. Which means that maybe my profession is obscure for someone?? Mh….

About the films I saw the other day…. god were they torture.

Battleship is just ridiculous. And it can be summed up as “join the Navy!! Hoo Ha!”|
Though I’ll be honest, implausible as it is, seeing the USS Missouri doing a brake-turn is pretty cool.

Iron man, however, was a bit insidious. I say that because in olden times comic heroes used to be pretty progressive. Crap, there’s even an old Superman strip in which he defends Universal Health Care. Nowadays … to be honest, Iron man could be interpreted in any way, both as progressive anti war and as patriotistic and militaristic. They only pay lip tribute to Tony stark’s “no weapons” stance. Whereas they DO pay service to the whole “Free enterprise HAHA!”.

Meh. Fuck modern hollwood and FUCK john asshead galt.


3 comentarios to “Obscure trade magazines”

  1. Of course it exists, Paul. Check this out (, it’s your magazine’s counterpart in French. A very interesting review I must say.


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