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IV – The videogames that made the man

So what are the video games that occupied, and occupy more of my time? I would love to be able to make a proper top ten, but honestly I don’t remember exactly how many hours I played each video game. And it’s one of those things, if I was able to know, maybe I wouldn’t like to know.

A non comprehensive list, without any particular order, might look like this:

Games I played and play a lot:
Master of Magic
Panzer General
Hearts of Iron II
F-15 Strike Eagle III
Alien vs. Predator

The main conclusion one could extract, I think, from the little list above, is that I mostly played strategy games and combat flight simulators. That would be correct. Let me introduce, though, some elements of precision.

First, I can hear the question in all of your little minds. Well, in the minds of those of my readers who like games: “Wait… you still PLAY those games? They are ass-old!!” Well, yes they are. With the exception of Hearts of Iron II, they are ass old. The reason is, I like abandonware. But, to be honest, I am not the “catch” type when it comes to videogames. I haven’t bought a videogame in years, I no longer keep up to date with releases or modern games, and I realized that I have never played many games that are considered staples nowadays, and that my exposure to modern videogames comes more from Let’s Play videos than anything else.

Let me make a pareenthesis here: Dude, writing a blog is therapeutic or what? I admit I had been thinking lately about starting another blog just for videogames, but I just realized it would be a blog about old videogames and stuff.. A friend a fellow blogger suggested it, arguing that specialized blogs always do better, and she’s got a point. But I don’t want to be the old man yelling “in my times… “ or stuff like that. My idea was lame, I’ll confine gametalk to this blog.

Shit. I’m old. Well, whatever, I rock and my life rocks.

Anyway, so yeah, Back to the topic, flight simulators and empire builders.
I played a lot of flight simulators because, just as any kid, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. Curiously enough, I never played Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, all the games I played were all about blowing up shit. So in future posts I hope I get on to fascinating old videogames as Air Power, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe and others.

When it comes to empire builders and strategy games, I must admit a very, very soft spot for Master of Magic and Master of Orion. Yep, I spent many long hours building some sweet empires and engaging in diplomacy. Maaaan did I ever love the diplomacy option in games. What can I say, that’s who I am. However, I never played Civ, at least the original one. I hate it. I always hated it. Fuck Civ. (Translation: I always lost like a little bitch).
I also played insane amounts of Panzer General and other “arcade-y” strategy games.

Nowadays I play mostly Paradox interactive games, which toe the fine balance between too much detail and too few detail. A good example of Paradox game is the little series I’m doing for you. I know you’ve been waiting for it impatiently, I promise another episode soon.

Finally, you will notice that the only FPS in the list is Alien Versus Predator. Thing is, tired of being humiliated by my friends at FPS games (say, quake II) I spent my third year of college playing insane amounts of AvP, against the machine, hard difficulty. Boy, did I kick some ass that summer. And I wasn’t ever invited to a LAN party every again 😦
(Also, yeah, I wasted some time in college. Go sue me).

Anyway, enough of this. What is this talking about myself? Is this a blog or some shit? Let’s cut it here and consider the series of articles about videogames concluded. I will write articles about particular videogames, at some point, but that will be in the future, without time pressure. I’ll just do it at my leisure.


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