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I – Summoning the devil to talk about video games

Isaac Asimov is known mainly as a science fiction writer. That said, he wrote on many other topics. He has a lot of books on popular science, and much fiction that has nothing to do with Science. He has, for instance, an extremely witty series of short stories about a man who can summon a small devil all to himself, the Azrael series. The series is extremely funny, and the kind of satirical look that the little devil provides on the modern world is very interesting.

Anyhow, in one of those stories Azrael strikes a deal with the human protagonist: Azrael will modify the universe so that that person never again has to wait. By pure serendipity of this modified universe, the protagonist, a frustrated writer that is always claiming to need more time to write more, avoids all and every waiting possible. As soon as he raises his hand, a cab will stop beside him. As soon as he approaches an elevator, the doors open. As soon as he approaches an office window, the civil servant will have finished, just by chance, whatever he or she was doing.

The catch, of course, is that he is never able to write again. Little did he suspect that the waiting times allowed his subconscious to work and come up with ideas.

And in this very spirit, let me tell you about my waiting time, today, at Fiumicino airport. I came up with an entire series idea there. Well, to be honest I had half of it already in my mind. But then why not add to it?

In the next few posts I’m going to speak about video games, starting with a general introduction about video games, and then presenting one or two. Essentially, me sperging about video games will become another running theme. Is everyone cool with that?
This post thanks the contribution of Isaac Asimov to mankind.

Because crap, if you like Sci-Fi, this man makes you proud.
If you like beards, this man’s friendly mutton chops make you proud.

Just imagine for someone like me, a bearded science fiction lover.

What can I say about young Frankenstein? It’s damn funny. I specially liked how they speak German in Transilvania, and how much better the movie looks in black & white. Yeah, there’s a color version, just… why would you? It’s much better in black and white.

I specially liked how some jokes were better in Italian than in the original English, and vice versa. In the original, Doctor Frankenstin describes his ancestor as a “coo coo”, in italian he says “He was an asshole” (uno stronzo). And on the other hand, the “roll in the hay” joke is untranslatable. Another instance is how Frau Blücher screams in the original “I was his


Well, in Italian she says “Io era la suma AMICHETTA SPECIALE!!!” I WAS HIS SPECIAL LITTLE FRIEND! Well no shit, as if it hadn’t been made clear a thousand times througout the movie. That was fun.


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  1. vaya curras que lleva el nota!


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