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Ok, super important thing about the Bulgarian language is this: Their direct and indirect style is reflected in the grammar.

That’s weird, huh? I started this post in a pretty complicated way. But it’s true! Let me teach you a bit of Bulgarian.

The past simple

Let’s say you want to use the past simple of a verb. And for the sake of the example let’s use the verb “to read”. I am going to go straight to the point, instead of giving a lecture on Bulgarian grammar:

I read : четох (chetokh)
He read : четеше (cheteshe)

So far so good, right? But then you find what makes Bulgarian special. You see, if you say четеше  you mean that you were there to witness the fact that he was read.
If he told you he had read, you think that’s what he did or someone else told you, in other words, if you werent a material witness, then you have to use another form!

He read (indirect): e четел (e chetel)

Now, think about this for a moment.  Do you realize that this small change probably means that an interrogation or a cross-examination in Bulgarian are probably different than those in other languages. They have to account for this additional complexity.

I’ll give you an example: Have you seen “A few good men”, that old 1992 movie?

Click here for I am de bee!

If you’ve seen this film, you know that a big part of the court case in the film hinges from the nuance of someone having listened to an order in person, or having heard it through a colleage, something that is revealed by the end of the film. And that’s the fucked up thing,  in Bulgarian, because of how Bulgarian language is built, everyone would have understood the nuance at first hearing, and the court case would never have been a proper case!


I seriously would like to offer more information on how the Bulgarians solved that but… I don’t have any. There isn’t even a wiki for A Few Good men. :-/ Well, it’s a pretty obscure and old film anyways.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the film, careful with the above paragraphs, there are spoilers.

Also, some people have way, way too much time in their times, now that we speak of A Few Good Men.


4 comentarios to “A few good men”

  1. A lo mejor sólo sujetaba el libro y hacía que leía…

  2. Comorll??? ¿Qué has dicho, maja?

  3. jajaajaj! Pensaba en lo de haber estado presente mientras el otro lee para poder decir chetokh…


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