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Emotions, music and stuff

Ok, I’ve already confessed it once, here , so why not just talk about it? I like Dover. I don’t dig their second to last album nearly as much as I liked the old ones and I am not into their last. And that despite the fact that there are fantastic glimpses of themselves in their new albums. Dover, rock or other style, have their own style, their own thingie, and even with the change of style, they still show that original and very particular thing that makes them special.

I was musing about all that… and  then I saw this:

You are entitled to watch it and decide it’s just a bad song. No hard feelings.
But for me, this song is really well played. Ok, so it’s an ad. Still, I like the song (and I miss the style) so much that just by watching it I felt like I had been back 10 years in time and I’m listening to those people for the first time again.

Dear Dover:
I understand that you are artists and you follow your own creative impulses. I admit it, I like your new stuff less, but that’s ok. I still appreciate you guys, and I keep fantastic memories of your music and how much it still means to me.




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