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Plans of nuclear reactors

All of my faithful and friendly readers have guesse by now that one of my calls in life is to find the bottom of the internet. I get close sometimes, I can feel it. It’s like staring at the abyss: it stares back at you. Or like french-kissing Cthulu: It’s sticky, not particularly easy and hazardous to your health, but man will you be able to entertain the wards of the mental hospital with your rants once you do.

It’s not my only call, of course. If I made a list (And you know I love lists), it would look like this

– Playing a cover of Iron Maiden at the Opera de Paris
– Using Arduino to build
   * An e-book made of tropical wood with silver inlays
   * A miniature RC zeppelin (it would look something like this)
– Establishing the Third Spanish Republic
– Making the use of complementary currencies a respected tradition
Marry Nina Persson. No, actually, if she married a bass player it’s obvious she was never the girl I thought she was.
– Use a cloth and some wax to polish the bald head of the Bulgarian Prime Minister
– Discover, once Benedict the XVI dies, whether the Swiss guards watching over his remains would attack me with their halberds, if I transgressed the security line, or they’d just pull out some guns and shoot me, or what.

Can you SERIOUSLY tell me you don't want to find out?

I really, REALLY wanted to do that when Jean Paul II (Jean Paul Harder) died.

and many, many others that I can’t remember or that I wouldn’t write in a public blog for fear of public reproach or ending up in the watch list of shadowy organizations. As if the next paragraphs of this past won’t manage that.

In any case, what I set out to write today before being sidetracked is this:

A full collection of technical schemes of nuclear reactors.

How cool is that? What this means is that if you want to beat oil and electricity prices you can take the radioactive Americium from smoke detectors and build your own!

How overwhelmingly cool is that for geeks around the world? 🙂 You are most welcome.
Et quoi dire sur The Legend of 1900 hundreds? Ce n’est pas un mauvais film, c’est sympa, agréable à voir et avec une musique vraiment superbe. Non, serieux, du jazz années 20 par voie intraveineuse. J’ai bien aimé, et tout et tout,mais quelque part je me dis que cet film ne me laissera pas une grande marque. C’est un peu… barbapapa. Ouais, cool, ok, c’est bien… et t’étais en train de me raconter quoi d’autre?


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