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Music from a friend of mine. Listen to it – II

So… it’s not the first time I say this, but I have a friend who has a band and does music. Well, he’s an awesome guy, but now we are going to talk about his music. They are really, really good.

These guys started a band and for months they worked like devils on their songs, playing 12h a day and stuff. And this is the result, this people are amazing and they offer their album either for free or for whatever quantity you want to give them. And seriously, their album is DAMN good.

I kid you not, it’s been released TODAY, and it has had me in trance for the last 27 minutes. And I still have a song and a half to go. If this is not posting from the frontlines I don’t know what it is.

So yeah, here’s the awesome page, the cover and all you need, and you can listen to the songs. Technical info at the end.

Click here to visit their page


Before I’m Gone 09:22
I’m Alive 10:25
Captain Trembly 08:29
The Starry Night 11:09

released 08 March 2012
Recorded in Barcelona, Spain – October ’11 to January ’12
All songs written by Japhy Ryder / Celestial Bums
Produced by Celestial Bums
Mixed by Carlos Toronado at Zona Temporalmente Autónoma
Mastered by Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering, Brooklyn, NYC
Designed by Blanca Viñas
Have collaborated: Charlie “fuzz” Segura (the new bum) & Sebas Ostolaza

Ah, y ¿qué decir de Melancholia del Lars von Trier? Que es una peli que podría ser cojonuda pero no lo es. Quiero decir, tiene montones de cosas a su favor. Los actores son buenos, la historia es interesante… y sin embargo no conseguí engancharme mucho, en esencia porque es muy lenta y porque por mucha atmósfera de tensión que intenten crear, la cosa queda un poco falsa. Es casi como si el director se sentase a tu lado para ver la peli y te susurrase al oido “Ahora tienes que sentir suspense. Ahora tienes que asustarte. Ahora tienes que…”
Y eso, pues como que no.


Una respuesta to “Music from a friend of mine. Listen to it – II”

  1. […] Vous voyez, il y a ce type, dont je parle parfois, qui fait la musique et tout et tout. Il s’appelle Troy McLure et vous vous souvenez de lui surement dans des posts comme Music from a friend of mine. Do listen to it & Music from a friend of mine. Listen to it -II […]


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