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Find an appartment in Paris

Public Service Announcement!!

So, you wanna come to live in Paris. You got a job, you’re a student. And you have already started to hear about the horrors of accommodation in Paris. They have told you already that you have to go through agencies that have you by the balls, and have guarantors. People who sign for you.

But wait, you are in deep shit! Either your French is not great and you do not know how to talk to these people agencies, or you know nobody, even less someone who’d trust you enough to sign for you, and shit, your cousin who is in Germany does not under or to sign for itself really. And the agencies don’t want to deal with foreigners (this one’s true), everything seems lost, man, you’ll die in a … NO!

It’s not like that at all. The little hyperbole has served to explain that the situation is not hopeless.
Do they exist, then, people who will offer you normal appartments, without asking for a ton paperwork and money?
Yeah man, they do exist, the world at your feet!

That said, only if just know where to look, and that’s the purpose of this post. This is a problem that I found in Paris many times and I learned from experience to solve. And now I’ll spare you stress and work 🙂

Go to

There are other similar sites, all I can say is that this one was the best in 2005 and 2007.
Register to one of these sites and pay 20 or so euros for the quarterly privileged member access. It’s REALLY worth the money. Everything for the people who have do not have guarantors or a pile of money. A little research and you’ll find nice roommates and good apartments.

I hope it helps you in your research. Try it, you won’t regret it!


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