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The yearly droning

So there’s this Spanish tradition. And the problem is, I feel like I’ve written about it at some point on this blog, but I can’t seem to find it.

Every single 22nd of December there’s a big lottery draw in Spain. The biggest of the year. And that day, instead of some boring old notary public looking at some wooden balls with numbers and noting them down on a piece of paper, the whole process is done on TV. So far so good, right?

That’s if you’ve never heard The Droning.

Imagine an annoying child, droning an annoying tune in your ear… forever.

This is serious shit. The guy who posted that video has the right idea, it’s awesomely boring. But “boring” doesn’t do it justice, it’s annoying. That is the only video I could find of the regular dorning, most videos actually show the big prizes being won. And what your feeble mind hasn’t yet imagined is that on this day, every year, EVERY SINGLE TV IN THE COUNTRY has this boring lottery on. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. I woke up hearing this droning on my brother’s second screen (He’s a real computerman, he’s got more than one screen). He had put it on while he programmed.


Also, notice how boring it is despite how many dramatic angles the cameramen try to get. xD It’s hilarious. And to be honest I probably hate it because it’s only once a year, if it was any more often I would tune it out like I tune out many other things.

But yeah, you are slightly more informed now about Spanish traditions. But I think this is one tradition we should actually hide. Because man, every single year, for a morning, the entire population becomes a throng of hypnotized zombies.


3 comentarios to “The yearly droning”

  1. what are they saying?

  2. number – a thousand euros!
    number – a thousand euros!
    number – a thousand euros!
    number – a thousand euros!
    number – a thousand euros!

    And if it’s any other price than a thousand euros they stop passing numbers and sing that number a couple of times, since it’s one of the big prizes. There are around 10 prizes if I remember correctly, ranging from THE BIG ONE to two prices which are about 1/10th the big one. More or less, I don’t know the exact figures.

  3. se lo he puesto en directo a mis alumnos… pobrecicos, como los torturo xDDD (en realidad solo hemos aguantado un minuto, excepto en una clase que hemos visto como cantaban un quinto premio y lo he dejado más rato)


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