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Your tax dollars at work

I hate waste and inneficiency. Seriously. I hate it when politicians waste our time instead of doing their fucking jobs. Gets my blood boiling, the gall those bastards have, the arrogance of being paid by us all and the fuck around and do their stuff when they should be doing research and learning management. (And that’s when they are not stealing, of course).
Fuck, it is really a sign of the times. Correct ceremony would demand service for others, would demand that they do their work for the public good. Instead, the political class has transformed into a new nobility, one with semi-open access, but nobility as well. I think every single public servant should be judged at the end of his term, on performance.

Anyway, before my disconnected and uncoherent comments turn into a full fledged rant and start advocating the guillotine to any public servant that doesn’t serve the public, let me propose a contest:

What is the worst exemple of politicians being arrogant, wasteful and/or stupid? (Short of stealing, again).

Here’s my entry:

The Congress of the United States votes a bill declaring the Battle of Marathon “very relevant”.

Seriously? So you fucking passed a law saying “Oh, you know, the Battle of Marathon was cool or something, dude”. Well good for you mr. congressman, but now you are going to be beaten up, see if that smartens you up. Also, you are going to be working at a factory for a year. That’s ought to do you some good.

But of course, it’s not just a waste of time, you and I know it. First, it’s a glancing blow against all those a-rabs and ragheads whose asses were kicked by the Greeks, isn’t it? It’s just another manifestation of xenophobia. And what’s that about the Greek inventing “Democracy” ? Yeah, kind of a plutocracy maybe. Yeah, I see why the US congress would support that.


Anyway, yeah, if you can find and post in the comments an even worse example of the political establishment wasting our collective times*, please post it here. I promise a prize, even a post in my blog!

So post away!

PS. Don’t ask how the crap I find these kind of documents. Weird things happen at 3am.

*I’m not an advocate of small government, though, that only lets the private enterprise monsters free.


Una respuesta to “Your tax dollars at work”

  1. Challenge accepted.

    I guess whenever it strikes a parliament’s fancy to write official history we’re always in for a sick, bitter laugh. In that specific category the French would of course be very deserving, raising a whimsical and belated eyebrow to this or that genocide or commending in 2005 the “positive values of colonialism” and trying to impose the teaching of the “positive role of the French presence abroad, especially in North Africa” in high schools.

    But in terms of outstanding waste of everybody’s time I just have to mention a thwarted effort in late 19th century Indiana which, to make a very long story short, would have collaterally legislated on the value of π and rounded it off to 3,2. Uhuh, you read that right. I mean, what honest hard-working man really needs all those weird little numbers going on forever after the decimal point anyway, right? That shit is for tree-hugging unamerican bleeding heart “intellectuals”.

    Fortunately someone who actually knew his ass from his elbow stepped in at the last minute, but until then the legislators were quite happy to vote a bill they admittedly didn’t understand at all.

    Beat that, bearded whistleblower!



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