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The Kingdom of Bulgaria

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My name is Ioannes Dukas.

– Hail Ioannes Dukas, King of Bulgaria, Prince of Tarnovo, titles titles and count of Serdica!

The recently formed Kingdom of Bulgaria, founded barely some decades ago, seems to enjoy stable and quiet borders with his powerful southern neighbor and former liege, the Byzantine Empire. To the north, barbarian tribes of Pecheneg, led by the High Chief of the Pechenegs, the great warrior Kügel of Oleyshe. They were an indomitable foe until the Kingdom managed, after a bloody war, to scratch two provinces from the Pechenegs, quickly given to sons of King Dukas. And just as Bulgaria licked its wounds, the elderly Gézà Arpad, duke of Nyitra, brought his troops from afar and smashed aside the weakened Pechenegs, taking all the other Pecheneg provinces that rightly belong to Bulgaria, for instance Constantia and Galaz.

But the duchy of Nyitra is far away, and the counties we covet, although packed together, are very weak from years of war. For a decade, the kingdom of Bulgaria bid its time, recovering to, one day, quickly conquer the provinces and then organize a defense on the mountains against the armies of Nytira, when they finally arrived. But by then Bulgaria would have had months to prepare a defence.

And when the Kingdom of Bulgaria was getting ready to conquer what they rightfully posessed, luck shined upon the Duchy of Nyitra

The personal Bishop of the Duke of Nyitra is anointed to the Papacy.


But the Duke of Nyitra is old, and despite his prestige and good standing in front of the church, his psyche is weak, and his sucessor is as little of a military man as his father.

What will become of the Kingdom of Bulgaria?


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