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Music from a childhood memory

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Ry Cooder – Paris, Texas

I love this song to death. It’s burned into my mind, as a childhood memory. You see, for more than 25 years there has been this program in Spanish TV, it’s called “Documentos TV” and it’s about investigative journalism. Every saturday night they’d talk about one subject in particular. The opening and closing song of the program would always be this song, for decades and decades.

As a little boy, I’d rarely see this program, it was way too late. But more than once my parents would pick me in their arms and carry me to bed, just as this program was closing, and me, I would open my eyes, eyelids full of sand, half asleep, 1/4 awoken,full of confusion… and I’d hear this song. Again and again,saturday after saturday I’d fall asleep hours before this program started and be carried to bed as the music played.

I stopped falling asleep in front of the TV at some point, and I wouldn’t remember the song until, at age 19, I happened to be in front of the television on one night of insomnia. I was zapping and I happened to catch the start of the program. The rush of emotions was…


Una respuesta to “Music from a childhood memory”

  1. Grande la sintonia de Documentos TV!! No la he tarareado ni nada cuando era peke. I despues… PAM, veo paris texas y pienso, “pero si esto era Documentos tv”! juas!


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