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More of my favorite objects

Here it is, I got it today in the mail.


Nope. Haha! I’m no Steve Jobs slave! It’s a cheap chinese knockoff. It does everything the iphone does, minus phone and internet, the two things I have already covered. So I can listen to music and take pics! Yay! It even copies the iphone display xD

Let’s see:

An iphone costs 499€ new in a shop. Let’s look at the costs:

Making it: 3€
Shipping it around the world: 10€ (probably less because of economies of scale)
Lawyers, licences: 50€ (per iphone of course)
Profit for Macintosh: 10€
to Steve Job’s gold WC, his gold pacemaker and gold disposable coffee spoons: 226€

The rest (200€) goes to Steve Jobs “What else can I do with my money” fund.

And what about my thingie?

Total cost: 22€.
Nokia 3310 phone: 30€
Deciding it’s better not to have a 3G phone, as to not be a slave of my email: Priceless

Yeah, I’m pretty cool, huh? And just in case you are wondering, yes, I’ve given that thing a name.
I call it…. the iPhony! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

About Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, woah, what can I say, so many good things about that movie. The cinema technique, the acting… no, lemme do a list. Everybody likes lists.

1. Jim Carrey. Stop doing comedy roles man, you can seriously do drama
2. The believable story. I had a story just like that. Actually I felt sooooo represented by Jim Carrey it was almost shameful
3. Kirsten Dunts’ beautiful booty. Any movie that lets me see the absolutely amazing behind of Kirsent Dunst is worth it.
3. The moral. Learn from what happened, stupid!
4. The weird but utterly glorious story development. The story starts in media res then goes back. Yes!
5. The fact that it’s a Sci-Fi story, BUT NO ONE CONSIDERS IT SO! (Of course it is, numbnuts! Actually, why so much hatred for sci-fi, crap? Everything that gets labelled Sci-fi, even if it isn’t [think of Ray Bradbury] loses half the potential public).
6. The colours in that movie are perfect. There was some real pro behind the camera, adjusting the white balance.

So yeah. 😉


2 comentarios to “More of my favorite objects”

  1. No he visto la peli, así que no comentaré nada, aunque es una de tantas que tengo pendientes y si no la fui a ver al cine en su momento es por esa traducción al español: “Olvídate de mí”. No comments.

    Me alegro que seas uno de los pocos que se compra un móvil normal que sirva para llamar y enviar SMS… me ofrecían la Blackberry gratis con el programa de puntos de Timofone pero opté por mi NokiaC6 la mar de mono (aunque sí tiene internet, lo reconozco… aunque para internet ya tengo el ordenador, el del móvil solo lo utilizo para emergencias porque no quiero viciarme >_< ).

    Poka! ^^

  2. Ya pero ¿qué otra traducción le podían dar? Estoy seguro que hay opciones mejores, pero me reconocerás que el desafío es enorme.

    Lo del móvil es solo un ejemplo: Paso del consumismo, no es comprarme cosas lo que me va a hacer vivir mejor, diga lo que diga la publicidad.


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