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The bridge to somewhere

It turns out there are real bridges, with water and stuff, in Castilian lands, and I can prove it with this picture. In it you can see not only the bridges but also two very good friends. This pic was taken on the 1st of January, and we actually woke up at 9am just to do some hiking. Yeah, can you believe it? It was 1st of January and we were not nursing a gargantuan (You know, I’ve always liked that word… “gargantuan”… so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence) hangover.

Shit, are we going old or what? No. Actually not. Lemme explain: how is it that we, in our teens and early twenties, feel this rush of energy, we feel so vital. Later on that sensation fades, and that has led many people, one of my best friends among them, to believe that they were better, more creative, before, that the times of yore won’t be back.
That’s BS. Confucius would explain it so: It’s open to question whether that energy is there or not, but one thing is for sure, what energy there is, we manage it much, much better (well, except for losers I guess). It doesn’t feel as an onrush of energy, but it’s much better used and focused. So yeah, stop complaining, feel better and sharper every day.

Little by little our actions are streamlined, more effortless… oriented to The Path with no Crossroads.

Post scriptum:
I think i should expand a bit on the films I watched lately. Shortbus is a very shocking film, very graphic, almost porn. But go beyond that… it’s a film about how burdened we are by our past and things like that. About how fragile we are, and about how we spend as much energy fighting against our inside world as as we do fighthing against the ouside one. Totally super ultra reccomended. Also, you’ll have the chance to see things you’d never thought you’d see. Like… someone singing the american anthem in someone else’s ass. But it will be fun! No horror or anything! Just awesome! xD

Midnight in Paris is really cute. That said, I think that 90% of my liking for the film comes from the fact that I recognized all the places they visit. For instance, they speak about the Bristol hotel, when in fact they are at the Meurice. And all the Montmatre places that I (hate to) know. aw. But the movie itself is a bit predictable. It’s just a cutesy film for americans to say “ooooh Paris is cool!”.

Anyway, some music to wrap this up. This song proves how absolutely Indie I am, and stuff. Thanks Bernat.

Microphones in the trees


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