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Obscure articles & Ugly truths

Couple of things I want to mention today.

First of all, one of the things I really like about wikipedia are the obscure articles. You have read it many times in the pages of my blog, I like mentioning some articles that boggle the mind, when you start thinking why someone would write an entire article on something so oddly specific like a branch out of a small, local road somewhere in southern Spain, or one unknown ornitologist in the Scelly islands.

But I’ve discovered the hole goes deeper. There is a single source where every single obscure wikipedia lies, and you can read them all. Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself

That link will produce an obscure wikipedia article every time you click on it.
The second thing I wanted to talk about was another webcomic I usually read, but which I haven’t mentioned yet.

Scandinavia and the World is pretty cool. Did you ever think that weird in-jokes that only scandinavians understand could be funny? Well, they damn can.

And in today’s edition, they tell it like it is. Pure, undiluted truth.
Wow my blog provider’s databases have been hacked.

Oh, and a FANTASTIC album reccomendation for today.
Blur – Think tank


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