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For those of you fellow sick people…

This is a song for all of you, poor peoples, victims of wanderlust. It’s a song about two things.

One is being displaced, away from known territory, far from a tribe with customs you know intimately.
Not that you can’t get used to those customs and be part of them, of course you can. And even if you don’t perform the ritual (in the Confucian sense) perfectly, the tribals will know you are doing your best and accept it (Confucius calls that Jen). It’s just the distance of things you just didn’t grow up with.

The other is about being yourself, no matter what they say.

So yeah, I guess this is one of those mood posts. So cliché.
I’ve been thinking that maybe I should expand a bit on Le Chat du Rabbin.
I must admit I’m anything but objective about that film: when I first came to France, I read all of the comics, and actually learnt most of my French with them. I love the French school of comic-drawing, much more than the Belgian one. Yeah, no realism, but interesting stories, original ideas that take you well away from the trodden path.

The adaptation to the screen is (imho) flawless. Of course, it has to shed elements, but that was to be expected. They cut way less than I expected.
And for me the best part is how they chose the perfect voices for every single character. If you know me even a little bit, you know how much attention I pay to voices and how important they are for me. Well, they nailed them.


2 comentarios to “For those of you fellow sick people…”

  1. Cliché or not, what you say is a big truth and the song reflects it very well.
    Btw, now you mention comics…are you familiar with Corto Maltesse? I know that Hugo Pratt was Italian, but he wrote in French. He’s my absolute favourite at the moment.

  2. Corto Maltese is seriously cool. I haven’t read a lot, but he’s the man.
    Do you know Dylan Dog?


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