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Obscure trivia

About Prince Phillip of Great Britain

48. “During the Blitz a lot of shops had their windows blown in and sometimes they put up notices saying, ‘More open than usual.’ I now declare this place more open than usual.” Unveiling a plaque at the University of Hertfordshire’s new Hatfield campus in November 2003.

82. “I thought it was against the law these days for a woman to solicit.” Said to a woman solicitor.
Shit, I thought I had invented this joke, and in fact it was invented on the year I Was born.

This is a place I would like to visit:
The Schilly Islands

The Best video of youtube

So, you know Rastafarians?

One night wondered, wondered what they actually believe in, then went to Wikipedia to find out. What I found was amazing: They believe that Haile Selassie, the dictator of Ethiopia in the 50’s, was the second coming of Jesus Christ
I guess that settles the question of why that religion needs joints. I mean, only after having smoked some joints they could ever come up with such enlightened ideas.

This is the obscurest article of wikipedia

David Hunt (ornithologist)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Hunt (1934-1985) was a British ornithologist. He was based on the Isles of Scilly for many years, working as an international birding tour guide. He was killed by a Bengal tiger in Jim Corbett National Park, in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand in northern India, while leading a bird tour there, the same year that his autobiography, Confessions of a Scilly Birdman, was published. As a result of this incident, visitors are now forbidden to walk on the territory of the Jim Corbett National Park any time of the day if they are unattended by a certified guide.

That said, this guy died doing something pretty awesome.

There are Christian Rappers.

Also, I have this impression my comments on Black Swan were a bit on the dry side, so let me expand: Really, really good film of someone falling down the spiral of madness. Seriously. Leaving aside all the jokes about the Jewish Mother of the film (because, shit, if at 28 you are still living at home and your mom calls you “Little princess”, and you have never tried… ehm… you know…. self-stimulation… well, you DO have a problem. But yeah, great film if you want to get in the head of someone who is seriously crazy and stuff.

Maybe they should change the tagline: Black Swan – Now you’ll understand what your ex was about
xD Or something.

That said, one thing struck me about the film. The ballet training scenes. You know, when they are berating the students? That hit me very close to home, I’ve never seen anything that looks so much like what I went through during my masters, here in Paris. Seriously, not even the first 10 minutes of Full Metal Jacket come so close.


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